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Royal Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha



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Royal Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha 
Daily: Morning 07.30 A.M. To 12.00 P.M.
Afternoon 12.00 A.M. To 16.30 P.M.


  • Visit Royal Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha: This city landmark should be the first place on any visitor’s itinerary, which
  • features some of the most spectacular architecture in South East Asia.
  • The palace begun in 1782. It is a consisting of several building with highly decorated architectural designs.
    WatPhraKaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) the magnificent Royal Chapel, WatPhraKaew in the same compound enshrines the Emerald Buddha Image, most revered by people.
Remark: Please do not were sleeveless shirts, vests, short top, see through tops, short hot pants or short pants, torn pants, tight pants, bike pants and mini skirts.

Tour fare for Private Tour (Thai Baht) :

No. of Adult1 pax2 - 3 pax4 - 5 pax6 - 9 pax
Tour Fare(Per Pax)3,5002,3001,7501,500

Tour includes : Transportation / All admission fee as in the itinerary / English Speaking Guide / Accident Insurance / Vat 7%

Tour Excluded : Personal expenses / Option Tour / Lunch

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